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Now let´s talk about tour programs of Curuhuinsi in Iquitos Amazon Jungle.


Programs and Prices Curuhuinsi

Plans and Pricing

Standard tour:

  1. 5 days 4 nights 300 nuevo soles per day, per person
  2. Total: 1500 nuevo soles p/person
  3. Tour Group is from 3 to 5 People
  4. You can ask for more days in the tour in iquitos amazon, or less days. Ask us on email how many days you´ll like to do the amazon tour in iquitos.

Custom and Private tours also available.

Please contact us now for a quote, support team: info@curuhuinsitours.com / amazonguidanceservices@gmail.com


All tours include:

1) Full Transportation: airport pick-up, taxi, and river boat.

2) The company is liable for any other means of transport to secure the clients safely back to Iquitos on the agreed date.

3) Accommodation in Private bungalows with Private Bathroom and Shower, including mosquito nets, towels and bed linen.

4) All meals throughout the expedition, including fruit, Bottle drinking water, Rubber boots, Flash lights (Recommended to Bring Your Personal Flash Light), Binoculars to use when wildlife spotting, Camping equipment, Wet-weather gear.

5) We recommend that you bring your own flashlight and/or waterproof clothing for your own personal use, but these will be available at the facilities. 

Tour Activities:

  • Jungle hikes, identifying various species of plants and giant trees, e.g. Ceiba tree and the Giant Lily.


  • Wildlife spotting, including various species of monkeys, sloths, iguanas, butterflies and other insects.Bird-watching, including Macaws, Toucans, Hoatzin and the Horned Screamer.


  • Medicinal plant knowledge, including traditional aphrodisiac drinks made from the bark and roots of trees, as well as Ayahuasca medicine and its healing powers.


  • Jungle expeditions and camping trips (please inquire at the time of booking as weather conditions may be unfavourable)Jungle survival skills.


  • Dolphin spotting and swimming in the Amazon River. Canoeing Piranha fishingNight-time jungle expeditions, spotting Caiman, bullfrog and fishing with spears.


  • Using machetes in the jungle, finding jungle food.Finding Tarantulas, snakes, scorpions and other wildlife.Visiting the local village, with the option to purchase locally made products.


  • All sales go directly to the village and the local people of the village community.


  • Tour programs are not set and are flexible. We will attempt to fulfill your requests to make your experience as memorable as possible, depending on seasons and weather conditions and their effect on water level of the rivers throughout the regionWe guarantee that you will be fully oriented and assisted.

What to bring

– Long trousers and shorts

– Long-sleeved shirt, preferrable a light material and not white

– Camera, extra batteries, film

– Flash Light

– Insect repellent

– Sunblock

– Swimsuit

– Hat or cap

– Refillable plastic bottle or canteen

#Remember to Gain local area knowledge from local guides ; Support communities in developing countries to benefit from Tourism and Let Local Guides and services have the opportunity to appropriately benefit from tourism; Use recommended Local Guides and Services.

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NOTE: We recommend you to book your tour in advance because we have several orders constantly, so to ensure space on the tour write us now to our emails or contact us now to our whatsapp, thanks for the understanding. 

We still have space for the tours fo July, August, September and october 2019. So contact us now to secure your place in the tour. Thanks a lot.

Curuhuinsi Staff.


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