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Authentic Amazon Experience

Well, let´s talk about the tour Curuhuinsi has to offer. Here you will get some details. Don´t forget to tell your friends about the trip! 

Plans and Pricing Curuhuinsi Tour Operator

Standard tour:

  1. 5 days 4 nights – 300 nuevo soles per day, per person. 
  2. Total: 1500 nuevo soles p/person
  3. Tour Group is from 3 to 5 People
  4. Custom and Private tours also available. If you want less days or more days for the tour jusk ask us on mail o whatsapp.
  5. Please contact us for a lower quote, groups of 10 and more people will get a discount
  6. Support team: info@curuhuinsitours.com / amazonguidanceservices@gmail.com
  7. Whatsapp Curuhuinsi: +51 965 013 225

All tours include:

Full Transportation: Airport Pick Up – Taxi /River Boat, The Company is liable for any other means of Transport to secure the Clients safely back to Iquitos on the agreed date, To get to the Curuhuinsi lodge (located three hours from Iquitos) we head first to Nauta via land transportation and then embark on a typical boat of the area that will take us direct to the lodge. During the tour we will enjoy the wonderful landscapes of the Peruvian jungle with the small rural houses located on the banks of the rivers. Before arriving at the lodge, we will make a brief stop where the three most important rivers of Peru meet: The Amazon River with the Marañón River and the Ucayali River. Here we can see the pink dolphins, they are mostly in the Amazon River, so we will have many possibilities to see them!

* Nights Accommodation in Private Bungalows with private Shower and Toilet.

* All meals Throughout the Expedition, Including clean drinking water and Fruit.

* Rubber Boots

* Flash Lights ( you should bring it for your personal use) Binoculares

* Camping equipment

* Water Proof Coat ( you should bring it for your personal use)

* Mosquito Net and Sheets

Tour Activities

* Jungle Hikes, Monkies Species and Giant Trees (Ceiba Tree)

* Wildlife ,Butterflies, Insects and Bird Birdwatching, We get up early to appreciate the dawn of the Amazon jungle and observe the different species of birds: Macaws, Tucan, Hoatzin and Horned Screamer, The view is wonderful, all the birds gather in search of their food.

* Medicinal Plant Knowledge,We will start our morning trek through the jungle. During our tour we will learn to identify the diverse flora and fauna, as for example the different species of monkeys and giant trees like the Lupuna (Ceiba Tree). We will learn about the medicinal plants that the locals use for disease lactation, including the traditional aphrodisiac beverages and its healing power that are made from the corners and roots of the trees. Then our guide will give us an experiential class of how to survive in the jungle and how to use what nature itself gives us for our benefit, just as a local person would. Also, let’s look for some Tarzan lianas to have fun simulating your movements! Finally, we will take the walk to collect some typical lasagne foods, such as palm heart and mushrooms that we will eat at lunch. 

*Camping and Expeditions Outside 

*Survival and jungle skills, We will make our second walk activity in the Peruvian Amazon, through the jungle to ensure that we have seen the variety of flora and fauna as well as ensuring that we have learned the most important survival techniques.
Here you will have the opportunity to ask the guide any questions that you have not been able to ask before.
If we have time we can even learn the technique of fishing with spear on the banks of the river.

* Spotting / Swimming in the Amazon River with River Dolphins, We leave by boat to the Amazon River where we can bathe and enjoy its fresh water. It is very probable that the pink dolphins are present very close to us, without taking care to keep our distance without touching them since they are wild animals. Let them get close to us, not the other way around! Then we make a brief stop on the banks of some tributary river to be able to treat us with mud. We wallow in the mud to absorb the nutrients and minerals that it possesses. Also, we will enjoy other healing benefits: releasing the body from stress and anxiety, relaxing muscles, moisturize skin and eliminate toxins.
Finally we will finish the day watching the beautiful sunset of the Peruvian Amazon from our boat.

* Canoeing and Fishing for Piranhas, We prepare for the artisanal fishing,in this opportunity we will learn to fish piranhas in the dark tributary rivers of the Amazon. If we succeed, then we can have dinner the fearful piranhas we have captured! Then observation of the Sloths, Before nightfall, we will take a short boat trip to a lake where we will be able to appreciate the majestic Victoria Regia, the queen of aquatic lilies. We will probably appreciate some white flowers on their first day of flowering, to turn pink on their second day. This imposing plant of lakes and marshes can grow up to 2 m in diameter and is known for its immense circular leaf that is a symbol of strength and magnitude.

* Night time Jungle Trips: Canoeing, Night Fishing with Spear, Machete and Caiman Spotting

*We’ll pull out our lanterns and walk through the jungle at night in search of tarantulas, scorpions, snakes and giant frogs! We will witness the enchanting transformation of the jungle into a dark environment, where nature takes on a different character and nocturnal creatures come to shine. We will be able to differentiate a completely different range of fauna from what is usually found during the day,

listening to the magical sounds of insects, birds, cats and owls.


*Visit to the Community to meet the Local People to trade some Handicarfts, We will visit a native community located in Puerto Miguel, town where Gerson Pizango and his relatives grew. Here we will have the opportunity to learn and observe their way of lives on the banks of the Amazon River. We will appreciate their homes, construction types, schools, churches and interacting with the inhabitants, learning about their farming and fishing techniques. We will observe their customs and traditions, understanding their natural and austere lifestyle. The people in the jungle are very cheerful and welcoming, they like to share their culture with foreigners, especially children, who enjoy playing sports. Many families work doing crafts and then sell them. Here we will have the opportunity to buy typical stuff from the Peruvian Amazon! Then we will meet Pablito, the cute sloth. Pablito grew up with the community since he was still a baby, since then he has never wanted to leave, sometimes he can get lost in the jungle for a few days but always returns to the community. 

We don´t have a set program or schedule, so we are open to hear your special wishes and requests.

The program may vary, depending on seasons and weather conditions and their effect on water level of the rivers throughout the region.

Programs are flexible and we can customise them to your personal requirements, we guarantee that you will be oriented and fully assisted.

What to bring 

  1. Long trousers and shorts
  2. Long-sleeved shirt, preferrable a light material and not black color
  3. Camera, extra batteries, film
  4. Flash Light
  5. Insect repellent
  6. Sunblock
  7. Swimsuit
  8. Hat or cap
  9. Refillable plastic bottle or canteens.


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