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The Lodge

Accommodation at the lodge is very simple without luxury to be expected but with all facilities needed, in several typical jungle wooden Bungalows. The lodge has got a capacity for 25 beds, Most of the Single, Double, Triple, Cuadruple and Matrimonial Rooms have a private toilet, sink and a shower, they are always cleaned by the staff. All beds are fully equipped with mosquito nets, towels and bed linen.

The Lodge is sorrounded in a safe and very relaxing area, there is electricity available from 6pm to 9pm or 10pm,to recharge camera, ipads or cellphone batteries,There is a hammock house, a sofa area and a dining room, and a very relaxing viewing tower in front of the Lodge, while enjoying the river view or the sounds of the jungle nature.

Our Company

Curuhuinsi is a locally run business offering 100% Community Project and Amazon Experience; It is operated by local village residents and helps to support their community in the Amazon jungle, based out in Puerto Miguel, Ucayali river, 260 km south Iquitos, Peruvian Amazon, Accomodation are tailored to suit guests’ needs, rooms are simple but comfortable accommodation and careful service,Most of the rooms have a private toilet and shower, they are always cleaned by the staff but Your stay at the Lodge can include visits to local communities in addition to wildlife-spotting on little-plied tributaries.By staying at Curuhuinsi Lodge, you will get to know that it is not a Luxury accomodation, but a simple house in the jungle which it is normal for a lodge with all facilities; Everyone at Curuhuinsi Lodge manage carefully everything to give you a totally unique and authentic Amazon experience.

Our History

Hello, this is Gerson from the amazon basin in Peru, I was born in a village at 260 Km from Iquitos, and it is Located by the National Park Pacaya – Samiria on the Shore of the yarapa river which is a tributary of the Ucayali river, The Ucayali river meets the Marañon river to give birth to the Mighty Amazon River. I tackled my English study, I emerged as the front man of a small family tourism operation bringing people in to our village and the Jungle. Now me and other locals have grouped together to give Birth to CURUHUINSI Eco Adventure Tours & Expeditions and through this way give our guidance services to tourists; to show and to teach the people on earth about the Amazon Basin, flora and fauna, and itsimportance for the entire human race, we hope that through your visit, we can increase love and interest in nature and its conservation. Through this way, you will be Gaining local area knowledge from local guides and Supporting communities in developing countries to benefit from Tourism we think people want to support a company that is truly working to save the Amazon and run by People from the Amazon. we are here doing what millions only think about doing. we are out here every day trying to save the Amazon for new Generations. ·


We are a company that provides a very good quality of Tour Services with Professionals and experts  Guides and ready to share their knowledge about flora and fauna.


We are a company that provides a very good quality of Tour Services with Professionals and experts  Guides and ready to share their knowledge about flora and fauna.