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Curuhuinsi Expert Amazon Guides!

All our staff of Guides Belong to the same Village and family, who decided to Join together to make this company named “Curuhuinsi Eco Adventure Tours and Expeditions”, which means “Leaf Cutter Ants Tours and Expeditions”, which it is based out at 260 km southern Distance from Iquitos and near the National Park Pacaya – samiria on the Ucayali River which is the Amazon River Itself.

Gerson Pizango!

Gerson Pizango is a One Former and an indigenous guide in the Peruvian Amazon, who deserves acknowledgement for his skills, He is from a small village by the name of Puerto Miguel, on the bank of the Ucayali River, about 156 miles south of the city of Iquitos, Peru.

He moved to Iquitos and began offering tourists an authentic jungle experience, which includes a visit to his hometown where Clients are in good hands; Gerson also can pick you up at the airport in Iquitos – and will arrange an exciting visit to his home that can only be offered by someone who has spent their life living in the Amazon.

He is the Front Man of the Company who manages carefully everything to give you a totally Unique and Authentic Amazon Experience. Our staff of Guides.




“I had an absolutely amazing time on my 5-day tour. By far, what made it for me was having Gluglu as my guide. I can’t recommend him enough. He is a stellar naturalist: he knew every animal and plant I asked him about, by sight and by sound. He is an exceptionally skilled helmsman, extremely patient and genuine, and his ability to spot animals in the most obscure and distant places was astounding.”


“We had a great time at Curuhuinsni. We had Bala as our guide and he was a very knowledgeable leader and pleasant person. There are only good things to say about Gerson’s communication skills. He answers more quickly and thoroughly than any other tour operator we’ve worked with.”


Wilson is the oldest guide between the Family and is guiding tourists for many years, he speaks english and is expert in survival, fishing and hunting, his knowledge about medicinal plants and fishing are used during his tour, he is a great guide and ready to lead your amazing Tour with us.If you are interested in Booking a Tour, send us an inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we can!


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