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Curuhuinsi Lodge FAQ:

Panoramic view of the jungle The Amazon Lanscape

How do I book a tour with curuhuinsi?

Please email Gerson directly. He will contact you via email and arrange to meet you at the airport in Iquitos.

How about alcohol?

Does the curuhuinsi tour provide beer or wine?

  1. The tour does not provide alcohol, and you will be asked, prior to leaving for the village, if you would like to purchase beer or other drinks.
  2. Beer is also available in the village and can be arranged for purchase on one of the expeditions into the jungle.
  3. Feel free to enjoy your drinks at night, but please be mindful of other guests and your own safety.


What is the payment procedure?

Can I get a receipt?

  1. Please pay Gerson directly. Cash is preferrable as the money is used to pay locals for their services as you make your way to the village in the jungle.
  2. If you would like a receipt, please ask when you decide upon your tour and price.


Do I have to bring my own drinking water?

  1. Drinking water is provided, at all times, please bring a water bottle or cannister to refill in the dining room.


Do I have to share a room?

  1. Depending on the size and dynamics of the group, you may have to share a room and bathroom.
  2. The facilities are very basic but Private rooms with private shower and toilet are available and is serviced by the village people.
  3. If you would like private accommodation, please be very clear about your requests when you meet to decide upon the tour schedule.


What kind of food do they serve?

I have an allergy / food preferences.

  1. The food is cooked on sight and supplies are brought in by boat.
  2. The staff will try to accommodate your food preferences as much as possible, but cannot promise special meals or allergy specific prepation.
  3. Please inform Gerson as early as possible of any food allergies or preferences.
  4. Please keep in mind, the facilities are very basic and run by the local villagers in the jungle.
  5. Vegetarian meals are provided and there is a variety of fresh fruit.
  6. Coffee, tea and filtered drinking water is available at all times.
  7. Plants and wild flowers paint the jungle with their masterful colour


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