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Curuhuinsi Lodge: Hello, this is Gerson from the amazon basin in Peru, I was born in a village at 260 Km from Iquitos, and it is Located by the National Park Pacaya – Samiria on the Shore of the yarapa river which is a tributary of the Ucayali river, The Ucayali river meets the Marañon river to give birth to the Mighty Amazon River. I tackled my English study, I emerged as the front man of a small family tourism operation bringing people in to our village and the Jungle. Now me and other locals have grouped together to give Birth to Curuhuinsi Eco Adventure Tours & Expeditions,Gerson is a young man from a small village by the name of Puerto Miguel, on the bank of the Ucayali River, about 260 km south of the city of Iquitos. He grew up there with his family working for many different organizations, but all of which were run by people from outside of the jungle. Now he has moved to Iquitos as his principle home base, offering people from out of the country an authentic, real jungle experience, from a local man who will take you to his hometown which will be used as a home base briefly at the house of one of his Family  and experience the Junge Life.

You’ll be in good hands, but there will be no jungle lodges; simply camping outside, when you’re not in the base camp on the way to the campsites. You may be up to 300 km away from Iquitos, away from where most people live. In going with Gerson, you will also be supporting the local people, who often struggle to get by, and you can be sure your money will go to helping many survive. This is one thing that certainly at+g*tracts you, knowing that you would be directly aiding Peruvians from the heart of the

Ajmazon: Once again, Gerson has excellent knowledge of this as well, and he will let you know everything you need to know to be safe. If you love discovering new things, being in a place that is truly alive in the literal sense of the word, hearing all kinds of amazing sounds, bird cries, insects flapping their wings, monkeys calling out to one another; new smells, of the fresh, rich and virgin Earth, humid, moist and cool under the forest canopy, sheltered from the sweltering tropical Sun; witness the torrential and majestic rainfalls of the place that is called “The Rainforest” for a reason; sights unlike anything you’ve ever seen: giant blue butterflies, colourful birds, large reptiles, giant insects, anthills the size of SUVs, beautiful flowers, incredible trees; exotic and rare plants (many of which bear medicinal ingredients to treat all kinds of illnesses), the elusive pink and grey river dolphins… and perhaps even an anaconda or a big caiman if you’re fortunate enough! Or even a jaguar… though they will flee while you’re still miles away… then this place is for you, like walking through a dream.

Curuhuinsi Lodge is a locally run business offering 100% Community Project and Amazon Experience; It is operated by local village residents and helps to support their community in the Amazon jungle, based out in Puerto Miguel, Ucayali river, 260 km south Iquitos, Peruvian Amazon, Accomodation are tailored to suit guests’ needs, rooms are simple but comfortable accommodation and careful service,Most of the rooms have a private toilet and shower, they are always cleaned by the staff but Your stay at the Lodge can include visits to local communities in addition to wildlife-spotting on little-plied tributaries.By staying at Curuhuinsi Lodge, you will get to know that it is not a Luxury accomodation, but a simple house in the jungle which it is normal for a lodge with all facilities; Everyone at Curuhuinsi Lodge manage carefully everything to give you a totally unique and authentic Amazon experience.

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Fantastic jungle tour!

Andre Sihm Knivsta (Sweden) about Curuhuinsi Lodge: “We went on a three day tour, staying overnight at the lodge and I couldn’t have wished for a better tour. The lodge is very cosy and spacious, with a nice common area with hammocks and sofas where you can hang out in-between the different activities.
We all enjoyed all of the activities. I as a Swede especially liked going for a swim in the river, a welcoming refreshing one from the very hot and humid climate. The food was plentiful with mostly fish and chicken. On the last lunch we had the piranhas and catfish we caught. We did also get to eat a giant snail we found in the jungle which the guides then prepared for us. Definitely an experience! The guides were all very friendly and helpful. Not to mention their knowledge of the jungle and their almost inhuman ability to spot the most well camouflaged wildlife whilst speeding down the river in a boat. Very impressive and interesting to say the least! All in all, a very good tour and lodge. Do recommend!” Stayed March 2017, travelled with friends.

Excellent tour with fabulous guides!

Char (UK) about Curuhuinsi Lodge: “Me and my partner went on the 5 day tour with Gerson and absolutely loved it. The lodge is basic but comfortable, the food is good and plentiful, and the guides are brilliant. We swam with Amazon river Dolphins, cuddled a sloth, saw monkeys, learnt jungle survival techniques, and camped overnight in the jungle.
The whole tour was really well organised, one of the best organised tours we have done in the whole of Central and South America. I cannot recommend Gerson and this lodge highly enough – well worth the money.”

Great  tour in the wilderness!

Claudiel (New Zealand) about Curuhuinsi Lodge: “I did a jungle tour with the Curuhunsi lodge. It reached all my expectations! We were able to see monkeys, sloths, tarentula, snakes, caiment, birds, and many more! Gumer was an excellent guide, very qualified, patient, and was able to respond to all of our questions. All the family is eager to make you feel at home and are always there if you need anything , + the food is AMAZING! Mucha gracias por todo Stayed June 2017, travelled solo.” 

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